• Our company Ready Mix Concrete Berrylands was founded in 2004. Our almost many years of experience in the construction industry is a guarantee of the highest quality of services offered. Currently, the company deals with the production of Concrete Berrylands, as well as concrete elements for construction and road engineering. We deliver concrete to both individual and institutional clients. We have the highest quality materials and the best recipes which gives high quality of services. There is also a tiling and terracotta center in the concrete plant, where you will find a wide selection of tiles and stoneware from reputable companies at attractive prices.

  • The company Ready Mix Concrete Berrylands offers Concrete Berrylands. Concrete is extremely important in the construction of various types of buildings, both houses, office buildings and industrial plants. It is used, among others, to build foundations or walls. It must therefore be produced with the greatest care and meet all quality standards. This is what concrete we offer We manufacture ready-mixed concrete and cement-sand ballasts. Our offer includes ordinary and additive ready-mixed concrete, materials for sewage works, precast concrete elements, construction reinforcements, cast iron, road works materials. We invite you to cooperation!

  • Our Ready Mix Concrete Berrylands concrete plant has specialized cars for transporting concrete with a capacity of 7m3, and concrete pumps with a reach of 24m. Our rolling stock for concrete and concrete pumps have appropriate technical tests, which guarantees their efficient operation and safety at the construction site. Concrete Delivery Berrylands takes place in specialized cars - a concrete mixer, which ensures the maintenance of good concrete parameters and consistency. All our trucks can hold up to 9 m3 of concrete. We offer concrete pumps that allow concrete to be fed up to 56 meters. Experienced pump operators, with appropriate permissions, guarantee efficient unloading and delivery of concrete from pear at the construction site. For construction companies, we enable independent collection of concrete from our production plant or we deliver concrete in Berrylands and the surrounding area. We provide professional and professional service. We are ready to fulfill any, even the most unusual order.

  • The "Ready Mix Concrete Berrylands" company will adapt the concrete pumps to the specific task. It is pressure that influences whether the pump manages a given mixture. High power put into pumping, which manifests itself in a large number of cycles at low pressure, can lead to concrete jamming in the pipes. The pump power should be adapted to the type of concrete mix. However, the length of the boom is selected according to the distance of concrete transport. This is easy to estimate in simple projects such as single-family homes. It is much more difficult to calculate the pump capacity in large buildings or dense buildings. Also, the support unfolding system needs a suitable surface for action. Order the Concrete Pump Berrylands service from our consultant.


  • Concrete Berrylands - a material created by mixing coarse and fine aggregate, sand, cement, water as well as admixtures and additives, which obtains its properties as a result of cement hydration. Is one of the most common building materials in modern construction. One of the most important features of concrete is its high compressive strength. The guaranteed strength value is determined by the concrete class in accordance with the European standard. The presented classes are the most popular and most commonly used in construction. Our factory produces all types of concrete in all strength classes. We have our own recipes and we also produce concrete according to recipes provided by the customer.